Caramel Ribbon and Na-Na join T-Palette Records


Caramel Ribbon & Na-NaT-Palette Records announced that 2 idol groups, Caramel Ribbon and Na-Na, are going to join the label.

Both groups are produced by Esse Academy (Esseアカデミー) and are based in Kansai area.

T-Palette Records is an indie label specializing in idols. It is owned by Tower Records.

The other idol units currently under contract with this label are Vanilla Beans, Negicco, Lyrical School, Shizukaze & Kizuna, Up Up Girls, and Rhymeberry.

Caramel Ribbon (T-Palette)

Caramel Ribbon (Ueno Amane, Yoshinaka Aoi, Fukata Seina)

Na-Na (T-Palette)

Na-Na (Karin, Mizuki, Yuduki, Sayane, Touko)



  1. Trailblazer

    Hello! I won’t reveal my real name here, but I consider myself the first fan of Caramel Ribbon outside of Japan. I created the thread at Hello! Online and I created the thread at the now gone Pure Idol Heart message board. I have done much to promote Caramel Ribbon and, to a lesser extent, other ESSE Academy groups in a blog that is also now deleted . I was told by two people, one of them a Japanese girl who knows English, that Fukada Seina is correct and not “Fukata” as you have typed here and on the Caramel Ribbon profile on your website, as well as all the news items for this group. Now it’s very possible that they were wrong and I have made a terrible mistake when typing Seina’s family name. I even used Google Translate, which I know is not perfect, and it says Fukada as well. I will be very upset if I discover that for the past two years of being a fan that I have typed Seina’s family name wrong every time! In fact, as Seina’s biggest supporter in the United States, I will cry if I discover I’m wrong. Seriously, I will cry. I’m very sensitive about these things. Please check with someone and see which of us is right. I would hate to think my Japanese friend is wrong since you’d think she’d know for sure.

    As for NA-NA, I think the leader’s name is Yuduki, not Yuzuki. There is a YouTube video with this name in Latin letters (the alphabet we English speakers use).
    Also, Touko is the spelling used for this member. Mizuki sometimes calls herself Mimi, which I believe is a nickname. Please correct these mistakes after watching the video.

    Thank you for reading all of this. I’m a stickler for facts. 🙂

  2. Tetho (Post author)


    Thanks for your message.

    The name of Seina is indeed most commonly pronounced “Fukada”. However, according to the websites of Caramel Ribbon and their label T-Palette Records, “Fukata” is correct.

    I’ve corrected the names of Yuduki and Touko.

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