Chu-Z – Chu Me Now / Bow Wow


Chu-Z - Chu Me NowChu-Z will release their new single Chu Me Now!! / Bow Wow on July 10.

This is the 2nd single from Chu-Z. It is a double A-side.

A video recorded during the live Yume ni Mukatte Bakusin Chu Vol.2 (夢に向かって爆進Chu-♥ Vol.2) held on May 14 at Omotesando Ground in Tokyo has been released.

It is a limited edition available only on Shinseido store.

The CD includes 2 songs and their instrumental versions.


  1. Chu Me Now!!
  2. Bow Wow
  3. Chu Me Now!! (Instrumental)
  4. Bow Wow (Instrumental)

Video (Live)