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Chu-Z – Gonna be alright!

Chu-Z - Gonna be alright!The new single Gonna be alright! of Chu-Z will be released on March 21st.

This is the 5th major single by Chu-Z.

In the MV, which you can watch below, the idol group Chu-Z goes back to school. The girls show off a ton of colors, school uniforms and lots of smiles in a pretty catchy package for fans to enjoy. There are scenes of members juggling at random, playing the guitar and smiling at the camera, and so on.


Chu-Z – Yubiwa no Yukue

Chu-Z - Yubiwa no YukueThe idol group Chu-Z will release its new single Yubiwa no Yukue (指輪の行方) on June 21.

This is the 5th major single of Chu-Z.

Futaba, new member, makes her first appearance with Chu-Z on this disc.

The MV was unveiled. It lasts about 11 minutes.


Futaba, new member of Chu-Z

Futaba (双葉) - Chu-ZThe new member Futaba (双葉), joined idol group Chu-Z.

She was introduced during a concert of Chu-Z held on March 13 at Shinjuku BLAZE.

After the departure of leader Maia last January, the other girls decided to recruit new members in Chu-Z.


Maia left Chu-Z

Maia (麻衣愛) - Chu-ZMaia (麻衣愛), leader of Chu-Z, left the group at the beginning of the year.

Her last concert with the idol group and graduation ceremony took place on last January 20 at Tsutaya O-West in Tokyo.

The 28-year-old woman decided to leave the group, due to her age and to pursue her own way, but remaining in the show business. She also thought to start solo projects, the coming years.


Chu-Z – Mada Kimi ga Suki de / Meow! / Keep Me Out Of Heaven

Chu-Z - Mada Kimi ga Suki de / Meow! / Keep Me Out Of HeavenThe new single of Chu-Z was unveiled

It is entitled Mada Kimi ga Suki / Meow! / Keep Me Out Of Heaven (まだ君が好きで / Meow! / Keep Me Out Of Heaven).and will be released on November 23.

The group moved from Nippon Columbia to Teichiku Entertainment in November.

The new members MAYU (マユ) and HONOMI (ホノミ) make their first appearance on this single. They replaced Asuka who left the band a few months ago. They were born respectively in 1996 and 1997; they are the cadet members of the idol group.


Chu-Z – Tell Me Why Umaretekita Imi wo Shiritai

Chu-Z - Tell Me Why Umaretekita Imi wo ShiritaiChu-Z will release their new single Tell Me Why Umaretekita Imi wo Shiritai (Tell me why 生まれて来た意味を知りたい) on July 1.

This is the 3rd major single by Chu-Z.

Tsunku♂ wrote the lyrics and composed the music of Tell Me Why Umaretekita Imi wo Shiritai.


Chu-Z My Live 2014

Chu-Z My Live 2014Chu-Z My Live 2014 was released on DVD on February 11.

The concert was held on October 5, 2014 at Shinagawa Stellar Ball, Tokyo.

The members of Chu-Z performed 19 songs, including a medley and their greatest hits, during the live.


Chu-Z – Bombastic

Chu-ZChu-Z will release their new single Bombastic! (ボンバスティック!) on October 1st.

This is the 1st major single from Chu-Z since the idol group signed under the label Nippon Columbia.

The MV has been unveiled.


Chu-Z my Music

Chu-Z my MusicChu-Z will release their new album Chu-Z my Music on July 9.

This is the major debut album from the idol group under Nippon Columbia label.

The short version of the MV for Girls on the Run has been released. Video comments from the members have also been posted.