E-Girls – Anniversary


E-Girls - AnniversaryE-Girls‘ new single Anniversary!! will be released on May 20.

This song is used in the latest commercial for Samantha Vega featuring E-Girls members.

The MV and the TV CM have been unveiled.

Since summer is coming up soon, the video shows E-Girls members having fun at the seaside. The choreography includes jump rope moves. The young women are wearing colorful fashion clothes. It is a pop tune expressing positive feelings.

Furthermore, Flower‘s 10th single Blue Sky Blue will be on sale on April 29.


  • CD
    1. Anniversary!!
    2. Saturday Night ~Rock na Yoru ni Mahou wo Kakete~ (Saturday Night 〜ロックな夜に魔法をかけて〜)
    3. Anniversary!! (Instrumental)
  • DVD
    1. Anniversary!! (Video Clip)

Music Video (PV)

E-Girls - Anniversary