E-Girls – E.G. Crazy


E-Girls - E.G. CrazyThe new album of E-Girls entitled E.G. CRAZY will be released on January 11, 2017.

This is the fourth album of E-Girls. It is also a double-album.

The MV for All Day Long Lady was unveiled.

The album will contain the last released singles : Anniversary!!, Dance Dance DanceMerry × Merry Xmas★, E.G summer Rider, Pink Champagne and Go! Go! Let’s Go!.

The album will be released in three regular editions and two limited editions.

The two CDs on the album will contain: songs with the “E.G Pop” concept (including the single E.G summer Rider) and the “E.G. Cool” concept (including singles Pink Champagne and Go! Go! Let’s Go!).

Some editions will include either a DVD or a Blu-ray in addition, containing music videos of the latest singles or live videos.


  • Disc 1 ~E.G. POP~
    1. Anniversary!!
    2. E.G. summer RIDER
    3. Saturday Night ~Rock na Yoru ni Mahou wo Kakete~ (ロックな夜に魔法をかけて) (original: Bay City Rollers)
    5. White Angel
    6. Merry×Merry Xmas★
    7. Party In The Sun
    9. Kikai Shikake no Bye Bye! (機械仕掛けのBye Bye!)
    10. STRAWBERRY Sadistic (STRAWBERRY サディスティック)
    11. Shukko Sa! 〜Sail Out For Someone〜 (出航さ! 〜Sail Out For Someone〜)
    12. Love, Dream & Happiness (original: EXILE)
  • Disc 2 ~E.G. COOL~
    1. All Day Long Lady
    2. Pink Champagne
    3. Hey! You!
    4. CautioN
    5. Boom Boom Christmas (Dream & E-Girls)
    6. Express -Do Your Dance- (Dream & E-Girls)
    7. Dance Dance Dance
    8. Bad Girls
    9. Cowgirl Rhapsody (カウガール・ラプソディ)
    11. Bon Voyage (ボン・ボヤージュ)
    12. Go! Go! Let’s Go!
  • DVD/Blu-ray
    • Disc 1
      1. Anniversary!! (Music Video)
      2. Dance Dance Dance (Music Video)
      3. Merry×Merry Xmas★ (Music Video)
      4. DANCE WITH ME NOW! (Music Video)
      5. E.G. summer RIDER (Music Video)
      6. Pink Champagne (Music Video)
      7. STRAWBERRY Sadistic (Music Video) (STRAWBERRY サディスティック)
      8. Go! Go! Let’s Go! (Music Video)
      9. All Day Long Lady (Music Video)
    • Disc 2
      1. E-girls LIVE TOUR 2016 ~E.G. SMILE~ in Saitama Super Arena Vol.1
    • Disc 3
      1. E-girls LIVE TOUR 2016 ~E.G. SMILE~ in Saitama Super Arena Vol.2 & Document Movie

Music Video (PV)

E-Girls - E.G. Crazy