Electric Ribbon – Graduation of Nagisa and new member Azumi


Electric Ribbon (エレクトリックリボン)Nagisa recently graduated from Electric Ribbon on June 23.

She slowed down her artistic activities at the period, without giving any real reasons; Nagisa thanked her fans for their support.

On the same day, she was replaced by a new girl, Azumi.

Azumi was born on January 29 ; she was an unofficial member of the Electric Ribbon from July 20 to October 26, 2014.

The idol group Electric Ribbon had welcomed 3 new members Yu, Aoi et Airi in April and released its new single Twinkle in you in May.

Electric Ribbon (エレクトリックリボン)

Azumi - Electric Ribbon (エレクトリックリボン)