Flap Girls’ School – School Days


Flap Girls' School (フラップガールズスクール) - School DaysFlap Girls’ School‘s 1st album School Days will be released on March 9th.

This album contain 14 songs including all the singles of the idol group.

The MV for their new song Start Line (スタートライン) has been unveiled.

Flap Girls’ School members are wearing cute costumes on the covers.

In the video clip, they are becoming the most popular idol group of their kingdom.

The regular edition includes Flap Girls’ School no Theme (フラップガールズスクールのテーマ) as bonus track.

The limited edition comes with a DVD featuring 5 music videos and making-of footage.

In February and March, Start Line is the ending theme for the TV variety show Rank Oukoku (ランク王国) airing on TBS.


  • CD
    1. Start Line (スタートライン)
    2. Moving the World
    3. Habatake Tsubasa (羽ばたけ翼)
    4. Summer Days Dance (サマーデイズDance)
    5. My Day
    6. Omokaji Ippai! (面舵イッパイ!)
    7. Calling U
    8. Ichigo Parfait (いちごパフェ)
    9. Natsu Iro no Love Again (夏色のLove again)
    10. Kimi ga Suki!! (君が好き!!)
    11. Open School no Uta (オープンスクールのうた)
    12. Tsubomi (つぼみ)
    13. Ashiki Shuukan (悪しき習慣)
    14. Yume wo Oikakete (夢を追いかけて)
    15. Flap Girls’ School no Theme (フラップガールズスクールのテーマ) (Bonus Track)
  • DVD
    1. Tsubomi (Music Video)
    2. Omokaji Ippai! (Music Video)
    3. Habatake Tsubasa (Music Video)
    4. Summer Days Dance (Music Video)
    5. Start Line (Music Video)
    6. Start Line (Making-of)

Music Video (PV)

Flap Girls' School (フラップガールズスクール) - School Days

Flap Girls' School (フラップガールズスクール) - School Days