GEM (Girls Entertainment Mixture)GEM (Girls Entertainment Mixture) is a Japanese idol group formed in December 2012 by iDOL Street.

It currently consists of 11 members. Each one of them has been assigned a gemstone.

The leader is Kanazawa Yuki.

GEM is a sister group of Super☆Girls and Cheeky Parade.

The meaning of the unit’s name is that these girls “are going to become like precious stones one they will be polished”. It is also an abbreviation for “Girls Entertainment Mixture”.

Ito Chisami is the elder sister of Team Syachihoko‘s Ito Chiyuri.

Biography / History

GEM (Girls Entertainment Mixture)On June 12, 2013, the 10 official members have been announced during a concert held at Nippon Budokan to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Super☆Girls. They were part of iDOL Street Street-sei (ストリート生)

GEM released their major debut single We’re GEM on January 1, 2014.

In March, the idol unit was chosen as supporters of Shizuoka Marathon 2014 (静岡マラソン2014).

Their 1st nationwide concert tour GEM Live Mixture 2014 ~Black or White~ took place between March and May in Nagoya, Tokyo, Fukuoka and Shizuoka.

GEM (Girls Entertainment Mixture)In April 2014, the members were appointed as image characters for Revive Moist shampoo. They appeared in commercials.

In July 2014, Takeda Maya became a police officer for one day in Fukui Prefecture. She participated in a transportation safety campaign and in crime-prevention programs.

In October 2014, Kanazawa Yuki was starring in the stage play Debug Treasure (デバッグトレジャー) along with Miyazaki Rina (Super☆Girls).

GEM (Girls Entertainment Mixture)The 4th iDOL Street Sports Festival (第4回 秋の大運動会2014 ~アイドルの汗が眩しすぎンだよぉ!!~) was held in November 2014. GEM, Super☆Girls and Cheeky Parade took part in various sports challenges.

Kanazawa Yuki, Shimura Rika (Super☆Girls) and Sekine Yuna (Cheeky Parade) make regular appearances on the show Harajuku Base (原宿ベース) on Chiba TV since January 2015. They talk about Harajuku fashion.

Chouzetsu☆Utagekidan 2015 ~Super World☆Returns~21 members from GEM, Super☆Girls and Cheeky Parade performed in the theater show Chouzetsu☆Utagekidan 2015 ~Super World☆Returns~ (超絶☆歌劇団 2015 ~Super World☆Returns~) at Tokyo DDD Aoyama Cross Theater in February 2015. Teams were led by Murakami Rana, Watanabe Koume and Mizorogi Seran.

Some girls took a special certification exam organized by iDOL Street in March 2015. Murakami Rana, Morioka Yu and Iyama Maho passed the test with 90, 80 and 90 points. They received a commemorative badge and an invitation to a special event.

GEM (Girls Entertainment Mixture)In April 2015, Murakami Rana, Minamiguchi Nana (GEM), Takahashi Mari, Tominaga Mimori (Dorothy Little Happy), Nagao Mami, Moriya Sakura (X21) formed the special unit Magical Dreamin (マジカル☆どりーみん) to perform the opening theme song for the anime Jewel Pet Magical Change (ジュエルペット マジカルチェンジ).

In June 2015, comedian Kuro-chan (クロちゃん) revealed on the show Sukkiri (スッキリ) that GEM was one of his favorite idol groups.

In June 2015, Ito Chisami decided to go on temporary hiatus in order to work on improving her skills.

The 3 digital singles Delightful Days, You You You and No Girls No Fun were released simultenaously on the same month.

GEM’s 4th single Baby, Love Me!, on sale in September 2015, is the ending theme song for the anime Jewel Pet (ジュエルペット).

Ito Chisami resumed activities in October 2015.

Girls Street Theater 2015In November 2015, Murakami Rana, Iyama Maho, Morioka Yu, Oguri Kako, Takeda Maya, Minamiguchi Nana, Kanazawa Yuki (GEM), Asakawa Nana, Maeshima Ami, Watanabe Koume (Super☆Girls), Nizorogi Seran (Cheeky Parade), Matsunaga Nene (Girls Street Audition) were starring in the stage play Girls Street Theater 2015 Za Hana Miyo Concerto (座・花御代コンチェルト).

In January 2016, Takeda Maaya announced that she was going to temporarily suspend activities during 2 years in order to study in Los Angeles with Suzuki Mariya and Yamamoto Mari (Cheeky Parade).

The members host their first regular variety show GEM Can Do It? on Pigoo since January 2016.

GEM (Girls Entertainment Mixture)In March 2016, GEM will release the single Fine! ~fly for the future~ and their 1st album Girls Entertainment Mixture on the same day.

Oguri Kako and Iyama Maho worked as models for Spinns fashion brand in March 2016. At the same time, Oguri Kako also became a special model for gonoturn.

In late March 2016, Iyama Maho went on hiatus to undergo medical treatment. She resumed activities in April 2016.

Noguchi Monami and Nishida Hirari joined GEM as new members after the departure of Takeda Maaya to Los Angeles in June 2016. Noguchi Monami studied at an international school, and she can speak English.


  • GEM (Girls Entertainment Mixture)GEM (Girls Entertainment Mixture)
  • Years active : 2012 – present
  • Label : iDOL Street
  • Agency : Avex Management


  • Kanazawa Yuki (金澤有希) – Amethyst
  • Ito Chisami (伊藤千咲美) – Pearl
  • Morioka Yu (森岡悠) – Citrine
  • Minamiguchi Nana (南口奈々) – Aquamarine
  • Kumashiro Jurin (熊代珠琳) – Black Diamond
  • Oguri Kako (小栗かこ) – Alexandrite
  • Murakami Rana (村上来渚) – Emerald
  • Iyama Maho (伊山摩穂) – Fire Opal
  • Hirano Sara (平野沙羅) – Peridot
  • Noguchi Monami (野口もなみ)
  • Nishida Hirari (西田ひらり)

Former Members

  • Oozeki Nagi (大関凪) – Sapphire
  • Asakawa Nana (浅川梨奈) – Rose Quartz
  • Sakamoto Hazuki (坂元葉月) – Rhodolite Garnet
  • Uchimura Risa (内村莉彩) – Diamond
  • Takeda Maaya (武田舞彩) – Star Ruby



  • 21/01/2013 : Sutorigu (ストリーーーーーグ)
  • 27/07/2013 : Speed Up / Do It Do It
  • 18/08/2013 : BeStreet
  • 01/01/2014 : We’re GEM
  • 04/06/2014 : Do You Believe?
  • 17/12/2014 : Star Shine Story
  • 30/09/2015 : Baby, Love Me!
  • 23/03/2016 : Fine! ~fly for the future~

Digital Singles

  • 28/06/2015 : Delightful Days
  • 28/06/2015 : You You You
  • 28/06/2015 : No Girls No Fun


  • 23/03/2016 : Girls Entertainment Mixture



GEM (Girls Entertainment Mixture)