Up Up Girls (Kari) 1st Zenkoku Live Tour


Up Up Girls (Kari) 1st Zenkoku TourUp Up Girls (Kari) 1st Zenkoku Tour UpGa Dai Ni Shou (Kari) Shingun ~Nakano Sun Plaza Chou Kessen~ (アップアップガールズ(仮)1st全国ツアー アプガ第二章(仮)進軍~中野サンプラザ 超決戦~) will be released on Blu-ray on September 30th.

As the title suggests, it includes the final live performance of Up Up Girls (Kari) 1st nationwide tour. The event took place on June 1, 2014 at Nakano Sun Plaza.

The digest video has been unveiled.

It comes with a bonus DVD featuring a 2-hour documentary on the idol group.


  1. (仮)は返すぜ☆be your soul
  2. Ichiban Girls! (イチバンガールズ!)
  3. Bare Bare I Love You (バレバレI Love You)
  4. Nanairo Mosaic (虹色モザイク)
  5. Seishun Build Up (青春ビルドアップ)
  6. Upper Rock
  7. Zenryoku! Pump Up!! (全力!Pump Up!!)
  8. Medley (メドレー)
    1. Marvel Hero (マーブルヒーロー)
    2. Namenna! Ashi Girls (なめんな!アシガールズ)
    3. Waidoru Seven (ワイドルセブン)
    4. Next Stage
    5. Survival Girls (サバイバルガールズ)
  9. Sutorera! ~Straight Up!~ (ストレラ!~Straight Up!~)
  10. RespecTokyo (リスペクトーキョー)
  11. Burn the fire!!)
  12. Jumper! (ジャンパー!)
  13. Enjoy!! Enjo(y)!!
  14. Up Up Typhoon (アップアップタイフーン)
  15. Chopper Chopper (チョッパー☆チョッパー)
  16. Uppercut! (アッパーカット!)
  17. Party! Party!
    – Encore –
  18. Kono Melody wo Kimi to (このメロディを君と)
  19. Summer Beam! (サマービーム!)


Up Up Girls (Kari) 1st Zenkoku Tour