Graduation of Futaba Nae from Moso Calibration


Futaba Nae (双葉苗) - Moso Calibration (妄想キャリブレーション)Futaba Nae announced her graduation of Moso Calibration.

This news was made on April 6.

According to the official website of the group of idols, his departure from the group is the result of a contract violation (no more details about this). Management said it would be difficult for her to continue working within the idol group and decided to end her activities.

Futaba Nae was on hiatus since November 2016 due to health issues and didn’t participate in the recording of the single Geki Yaba∞Bokkan!! of Moso Calibration, released in March.

The idol group will continue its activities with the 5 current members.

Futaba Nae joined Moso Calibration in June 2013. Her image color was red.

Futaba Nae (双葉苗) - Moso Calibration (妄想キャリブレーション)