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Moso Calibration – Sakurairo Diary

Moso Calibration - Sakurairo DiaryMoso Calibration released their new single Sakurairo Diary (桜色ダイアリー) on June 14.

This is their 5th major label single by Moso Calibration.

The MV takes the form of a dating-sim game during the sakura blooming season and features Iori Amamiya playing the piano.


Graduation of Futaba Nae from Moso Calibration

Futaba Nae (双葉苗) - Moso Calibration (妄想キャリブレーション)Futaba Nae announced her graduation of Moso Calibration.

This news was made on April 6.

According to the official website of the group of idols, his departure from the group is the result of a contract violation (no more details about this). Management said it would be difficult for her to continue working within the idol group and decided to end her activities.


Moso Calibration – Geki Yaba∞Bokkan!!

Moso Calibration - Geki Yaba∞Bokkan!!Moso Calibration will release their 4th major single Geki Yaba∞Bokkan!! (激ヤバ∞ボッカーン!!) on March 8.

Unfortunately, this single was recorded without Futaba Nae who is recovering from unspecified health issues since last December.

The main song serves as the new ending theme song for the anime series Time Bokan 24. A special edition will be on sale.


Moso Calibration – Bang Bang No.1

Moso Calibration - Bang Bang No.1Moso Calibration will release their new single Bang Bang No.1 on December 14.

This is the 3rd single major of the idol group from Akihabara.

The MV was unveiled.

The song was written by the members of Moso Calibration and Kato Yuko, and composed by Juvenile.


Moso Calibration – Chichinpuipui

Moso Calibration (妄想キャリブレーション)Moso Calibration‘s new single Chichinpuipui (ちちんぷいぷい♪) will go on sale on June 1st.

This is the 1st major single from the idol group under Sony Music Records.

It is an EDM (electro dance music) song about the unrequited love of a young woman.


Moso Calibration – Mahou no Juice

Moso Calibration (妄想キャリブレーション)Moso Calibration‘s 7th single Mahou no Juice (魔法のジュース) will be released on April 7.

The MV has been unveiled.

The members of Moso Calibration are wearing “hikaru skirts” (LED light-emitting skirts) in the video. The girls dance in the streets of Akihabara and go to game centers.


Moso Calibration – Kanashimi Calibration

Moso Calibration (妄想キャリブレーション)Moso Calibration‘s 6th single Kanashimi Calibration (悲しみキャリブレーション) will be released on November 18.

New members Amamiya Iori and Mizuki Yumeko are making their first appearance with Moso Calibration on this single.

Shindo Miyuna graduated in early October.

The short version of the MV has been unveiled.