Graduation of Yurano Yuno from Iketeru Hearts

Yurano Yuno (由良乃ゆの) - Iketeru Hearts (イケてるハーツ)

Yurano Yuno announced he graduation from Iketeru Hearts.

This announcement was made by herself on the group’s radio show, TAKE UR HEARTs, on Shibuya Cross FM, on May 18.

Yurano Yuno has decided to leave due to health issues ; Yurano Yuno suffers for several months from a chronic illness which has deteriorated since its activities with the idol group. However, she said she wanted to stay in the group, despite this, and apologized to the fans.

Yurano Yuno’s latest concert with Iketeru Hearts will take place on June 7 at Tsutaya O-Crest in Tokyo.

In addition, the idol group released its 4th single Tsumishou no Lucifer (罪証のルシファー) in March.

Iketeru Hearts (イケてるハーツ)