Hachikin Girls – Nihon Rettou Yume Zensen


Hachikin Girls - Nihon Rettou Yume ZensenHachikin Girls’ new single Nihon Rettou Yume Zensen (日本列島夢前線) will be released on August 7.

The CD includes 3 different songs

Only one edition is available.

As its title suggests, he coupling track Hachikin Girl is the theme song of the idol group.

The 2nd B-side track Bokutachi no Chikyuu delivers a message on ecology.


  1. Nihon Rettou Yume Senzen (日本列島夢前線)
  2. Hachikin Girl (はちきんガール)
  3. Bokutachi no Chikyuu (ぼくたちの地球)
  4. Nihon Rettou Yume Senzen (日本列島夢前線) (Instrumental)