Hello! Project Complete Single Book


Hello! Project Complete Single BookHello! Project Complete Single Book will be released on November 8.

This book celebrates the 15th anniversary of Hello! Project. As its title suggests, it is a guidebook on the songs released by current (Morning Musume, Berryz Kobo, °C-ute, S/mileage, Juice=Juice) and former groups and members (T&C Bomber, Melon Kinenbi, Matsuura Aya, Mano Erina, …), and sub-units (Tanpopo, Petit Moni…) of Hello! Project.

It gives many details about 446 singles including the photos of the covers and the names of the songwriters.

Hello! Project Complete Single Book includes interviews with Tsunku♂ and other members of the staff who worked for Hello! Project over the last 15 years. It contains also discussions between various artists (Base Ball Bear, Tofubeats, BiS, Oomori Seiko, …) about the songs.

It has 232 pages.