Houkago Princess – Seishun Mermaid


Houkago Princess (放課後プリンセス)Houkago Princess will release their new single Seishun Mermaid (青春マーメイド) on June 29th.

The members of the idol group became sexy mermaid princesses.

The pictures of each girl in her swimsuit costume have been unveiled.

Maika is the main vocalist of Seishun Mermaid. It is a sad song about the first love of a mermaid.

All the members were wearing the costumes, and performed this new song for the first time on a special programme broadcast on Showroom on April 29th.

Furthermore, it has been announced that Houkago Princess Live 2016 “Princess Story” will be held on September 22nd at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo.

This is the 3rd major label single from the idol group.


  • CD
    1. Seishun Mermaid (青春マーメイド)
    2. ??
  • DVD
    1. Music Video

Houkago Princess (放課後プリンセス)

Miyashita Maika (宮下舞花) - Houkago Princess (放課後プリンセス)


Miyashita Mayuka (宮下まゆか) - Houkago Princess (放課後プリンセス)

Miyashita Mayuka

Odagiri Nana (小田桐奈々) - Houkago Princess (放課後プリンセス)

Odagiri Nana

Yamaguchi Miran (山口みらん) - Houkago Princess (放課後プリンセス)

Yamaguchi Miran

Kizuki Saori (木月沙織) - Houkago Princess (放課後プリンセス)

Kizuki Saori

Shirosaki Himari (城崎ひまり) - Houkago Princess (放課後プリンセス)

Shirosaki Himari

Michishige Saho (道重佐保) - Houkago Princess (放課後プリンセス)