Ikematsu Airi, new member of Rev. from DVL


Ikematsu Airi (池松 愛理) / Rev. from DVLIkematsu Airi (池松 愛理) joined the idol group Rev. from DVL as a new member.

She joined the group in the end of last November.

The group now has 13 members.

Moreover, Kyouka Motono, a trainee member, no longer appears on the group profile, she problably left the group a few months ago. She was not credited on the first singles group.

Ikematsu Airi will make his first appearance on the new single Rev. from DVL Okujou Sukima Shiroi no Sora (屋上のスキマ白いソラ) which goes on sale January 5.

Ikematsu Airi was born on August 28 1996. She is 19 years old.

Ikematsu Airi (池松 愛理) / Rev. from DVL


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  1. Mayia

    Elle est jolie , 19 ans pour une nouvelle, sa carrière ne seras pas bien longue. Pourquoi sa chois ?

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