Izukoneko & Rhymeberry Live Joyful Noise Girls


Izukoneko & RhymeberryIzukoneko and Rhymeberry will hold a 2-man live titled Joyful Noise Girls on June 16.

The concert will take place at Tokyo Kinema Club.

To celebrate this event, collaboration goods will be sold at the venue.

Izukoneko’s 1st live album Namiete (なみえて) was released on April 3.

Rhymeberry’s 2nd single R.O.D. / Sekaijuu ni I Love You (R.O.D./世界中にアイラブユー) is on sale since March 20.


  • Date : 16/06/2013
  • Time : 12:00
  • Venue : Tokyo Kinema Club