Juice=Juice – Romance no Tochuu


Juice=JuiceJuice=Juice will release their major label debut single Romance No Tochuu / Watashi ga Iu Mae Ni Dakishimenakyane / Samidare Bijo ga Samidareru (ロマンスの途中 / 私が言う前に抱きしめなきゃね / 五月雨美女がさ乱れる) on September 11.

It is a triple A-side single. The CD contains a “memorial edit” version of Juice=Juice’s latest releases.

6 editions are available.

The limited editions include a DVD featuring the music video and bonus footage. The detailed content hasn’t been revealed yet.

Furthermore, Juice=Juice will perform at perform at Hello! Project 2013 Summer Cool Hello.


  • CD
    1. Romance No Tochuu (ロマンスの途中)
    2. Watashi ga Iu Mae Ni Dakishimenakyane (私が言う前に抱きしめなきゃね) (Memorial Edit)
    3. Samidare Bijo ga Samidareru (五月雨美女がさ乱れる) (Memorial Edit)
  • DVD
    1. Romance No Tochuu (ロマンスの途中) (Music Video)
    2. ??