Kudo Haruka to graduate from Morning Musume ’17


Kudo Haruka (工藤遥) - Morning Musume '17 (モーニング娘。'17)Kudo Haruka (工藤遥) announced her graduation from Morning Musume ’17 and from Hello! Project in the next fall.

This announcement was made on April 29 during a concert of the spring tour Morning Musume.’17 concert tour Spring ~The Inspiration!~ held in Kyoto.

Kudo Harula said she wanted to start an actress career. Kuduu was already thinking about it when she was still a Hello! Pro Egg member before joining Morning Musume. She had initially thought of making a actress career while remaining an idol singer but finally changed her mind.

Kudo Haruka will be the first member of Morning Musume’s 10th generation to leave the idol group.

She became a member of Hello! Pro Egg (nowadays Hello! Pro Kenshuusei) in March 2010 before joining Morning Musume in September 2011. Born in October 1999, she is 17 years old.

Kudo Haruka (工藤遥) - Morning Musume '17 (モーニング娘。'17)