Lyrical School – Guidebook


Lyrical School - GuidebookLyrical School are back with their new album Guidebook on sale on November 16 .

This is the first major album of the idol rap group. It will come out under the King Records label.

The CD will contain 13 tracks, including interludes and the latest singles of the idol group Run and Run, Summer Foundation et Magic Hour. The first two mentioned singles were re-recorded with the remaining 5 members for the album. The originals were recorded when Yumi, one of the origins of members of Lyrical School had not yet left the group.

The tracklist has been unveiled.

One edition is available.

The idol group will hold a mini live tour lyrical school HOKKAIDO TOUR 2016 in Hokkaido rural area of 9 to December 11.


  1. -old-
  3. Play Room (プレイルーム)
  4. Oshiete (おしえて)
  5. DO IT NOW! (HEY! HEY! HEY!)
  6. Summer Foundation (5 members version) (サマーファンデーション【※5人バージョン】)
  7. -☆☆☆-
  8. Lyricist (リリシスト)
  9. Magic Hour (マジックアワー)
  10. Koi wa Zuwazu (恋わずわず)
  11. -too old-
  12. Last song (ラストソング)
  13. RUN and RUN (5 members version) (RUN and RUN 【※5人バージョン】)

Lyrical School - Guidebook

lyrical school (リリスク)