Lyrical School – World’s End

lyrical school - World's End

The new album of lyrical school will be released on June 19th.

It’s entitled World’s End.

It is the fourth album by the rap idol group Lyrical School but also its second major label album.

Check out the MVs for the songs Tokonatsu Return and High5 below.

The album will be sold in several versions: CD, vinyl and audio cassette.

The CD will contain 13 tracks in total including interludes and the latest singles from the idol group : Natsuyasumi no Baby and Tsuretette yo / Call Me Tight.


  1. PRIVATE SPACE- (skit)
  2. Tsuretette yo (つれてってよ)
  3. Kieru Wakusei (消える惑星)
  4. Natsuyasumi Baby (夏休みのBABY)
  5. Tokonatsu Return (常夏(ナッツ)リターン)
  6. Orange (オレンジ)
  7. Call Me Tight
  8. Play It Cool
  9. Dance With You
  10. Hey! Adamaski!
  11. World’s End

Music Video (PV)

lyrical school