Inaba Manaka (ex Country Girls) joins Juice=Juice

Inaba Manaka (稲場愛香) - Juice=Juice

A very important news!

Inaba Manaka (former member of Country Girls) has been a new member of Juice=Juice since June 13th.

The idol group Juice=Juice has now eight members.

Remember, Inaba Manaka was a member of the idol group Country Girls (from November 2014) and left it in August 2016 for health problems (she suffers from asthma). She made her comeback last September of becoming leader of Hello! Project Kenshuusei Hokkaido.

Joining another group of Hello! Project is a new start for Manaka who has since found a stable health back.

In addition, Juice = Juice will release their second album Juice=Juice #2 -¡Una más!- next August; Inaba will be credited on this new album.