Manaminorisa – Mamiri Best ~Polaris~


Manaminorisa - Mamiri Best ~Polaris~Manaminorisa’s new album Mamiri Best ~Polaris~ (まみりBest ~ポラリス~) will be released on November 27.

As its name suggests, this is a best-of album.

The CD contains 13 tracks including Manaminorisa’s latest singles and a new song titled Polaris Episode Zero (ポラリス Episode Zero).

The limited edition includes a DVD with 2 music videos and bonus footage.

Check out the video message from the members of Mamiri.


  • CD
    1. Polaris (ポラリス )
    2. Sentimental Riot (センチメンタルライオット)
    3. Dore Miso Rock (ドレみそ☆ロック)
    4. Oh! Please
    5. Punkish Princess
    6. CQCQ…
    7. Walking Mermaid
    8. Blister
    9. Polaris Ab (ポラリスAb)
    10. Oiran Thunder (花魁サンダー)
    11. Kitto Koko de Aeru (きっとここで逢える)
    12. Dou Shiyo!? (どうしよ!?)
    13. Polaris Episode Zero (ポラリス Episode Zero)
  • DVD (Limited Edition)
    1. Oiran Thunder (花魁サンダー) (Music Video)
    2. Lemon Cider to Natsu Yasumi (レモンサイダーと夏休み) (Music Video)
    3. Off Shot Collection (オフショット集)

Polaris Episode Zero (Video)