Maruyama Karin passed away


Maruyama Karin (丸山夏鈴)It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of Maruyama Karin (丸山夏鈴).

Rin-chan passed away from lung cancer on May 22. She was 21 years old.

In spite of a cancer and a brain tumor, Maruyama Karin did her best to realize her dreams to become an idol. She continued her activities until her last breath.

Rin-chan was hospitalized for several weeks for treatment. However, she kept on giving news to her fans through her Twitter account.

Maruyama Karin was born on August 2 1993 in Fukushima Prefecture. Her nickname is Rin-chan. She made her debut in 2012. She was semifinalist of the Kodansha’s Miss iD 2013 audition.

A few months ago, we introduced her last single Eternal Summer.

Her funeral ceremony will be held on May 25 in Fukushima.

RIP Maruyama Karin, the eternal idol.

Maruyama Karin (丸山夏鈴)

Maruyama Karin - Eternal Summer



  1. Tetho (Post author)

    So sad… 😥
    My deepest sympathy to her family and loved ones.

  2. Amethyste

    Oh non! :'(

  3. Neil

    Any loss of life is sad. But at such a young age here, it makes you want to live your life to the fullest.

    My thoughts to everyone.

  4. Matt

    The angels will be smiling as they now have a new friend who will sing and smile with them. Thanks Karin for making me smile even for just a short period of time

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