MIRI – spit it out


MIRI - spit it outMiri (MC Miri), the leader of Rhymeberry, will release her new solo album!

It’s called Spit it out and will be released on April 4.

This is her second solo album ; Miri had released a debut album called “hiphop” to Nanottemo Iidesuka. (“hiphop”ト名乗ッテモイイデスカ。) in 2016.

The CD will have a total of 9 songs.

Miri will perform her first live one-man “spit it out” on March 25, at Kaijou Sound Museum Vision, to promote the release of her album. The other Rhymeberry members (DJ Omochi and MC Yuika) will also be present.


  1. Matriarch
  2. Love Sick
  3. eigoppoi
  4. get out boy
  5. NOW ONE
  7. Ushiromuki de Denshaninoru (後ろ向きで電車に乗る)
  8. one side love
  9. My Life

MIRI - spit it out


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  1. Naos

    Well, guess I have to invest in a CD player… shame this isn’t available digitally like her other one.

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