Party Rockets – Kasabuta


Party Rockets - KasabutaParty Rockets‘ new single Kasabuta will be released on August 27.

This is the 5th single from Party Rockets. It is a rock song.

The music video has been unveiled.

The MV director is the same as for the idol group’s 4th single Let’s Go!!.

The 3 girls add the charm of their vocal and dance performances to the rock music.

3 editions are available. Each CD contains 2 songs and their off vocal version. The coupling track is different for each one of them.

Furthermore, Party Rockets are going to hold a live performance on November 15 at Shinjuku Blaze, Tokyo.


  • Type A
    1. Kasabuta
    2. Ageha Ima (アゲハ今)
    3. Kasabuta (Instrumental)
    4. Ageha Ima (Instrumental)
  • Type B
    1. Kasabuta
    2. Rainbow!
    3. Kasabuta (Instrumental)
    4. Rainbow! (Instrumental)
  • Type C
    1. Kasabuta
    2. Revolution
    3. Kasabuta (Instrumental)
    4. Revolution (Instrumental)
  • Type A / B / C

Music Video (PV)

Party Rockets - Kasabuta