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Party Rockets GT – Nijiiro Jet

Party Rockets GT - Nijiiro JetParty Rockets GT‘s 6th single Nijiiro Jet (虹色ジェット) will be on sale on February 24th.

New members Ayumi, Himeka and Nanase, who have joined the idol group last October, are making their first appearance on this single.

In the MV, Party Rockets GT members are practicing choreography in a dance studio and in the streets of Tokyo.


Party Rockets – Triangle

Party RocketsParty Rockets‘ 1st album Triangle will be released on December 17.

This original album contains 14 songs including Party Rockets’ previous singles and 2 news songs titled Imagine na Ai no Uta (イマジンな愛の歌) and Secret Moon.


Party Rockets – Let’s Go

Party Rockets - Let's GoParty Rockets‘ new single Let’s Go will be released on April 9.

This is the 4th single from Party Rockets. It was produced by Eric Martin, who is a former member of the rock band Mr. Big, and Hachimoto Keiichi.

The coupling song Dear Friend (ディアフレンド) was recorded with Watanabe Koume before that she left the idol group to join Super☆Girls.


Party Rockets – Setsuna Sora

Party Rockets - Setsuna SoraParty Rockets’ new single Setsuna Sora (セツナソラ) will be released on August 21.

It is a rock song.

3 editions are available.

The Type A includes a bonus DVD featuring the music video. It also comes with a photo of a member of Party Rockets randomly selected from 5 kinds.

The Types B and C contain different coupling songs.

Check out the music video.