Fujita Akari to graduate from Party Rockets


Fujita Akari (Party Rockets)Fujita Akari announced her graduation from Party Rockets.

She told on her blog that she had decided to leave the idol group in order to pursue her dream.

As a result, Party Rockets are going to hold auditions to recruit new members.

Fujita Akari said that she thought a lot about her future, and that the best way to realize her dream is to follow her own path. She hasn’t given further details about it.

She was a member of Party Rockets since 2012.

In addition to her activities, Fujita Akari had joined GALETTe as a temporary member in February 2015.

The profile picture of Party Rockets has been updated on their official website. There are only the 2 remaining members Yoshiki Haruka and Kikuchi Fumika.

Fujita Akari (Party Rockets)

Party Rockets (パーティロケッツ)