Party Rockets – Triangle


Party RocketsParty Rockets‘ 1st album Triangle will be released on December 17.

This original album contains 14 songs including Party Rockets’ previous singles and 2 news songs titled Imagine na Ai no Uta (イマジンな愛の歌) and Secret Moon.

The old songs of the idol group were re-recorded by the 3 current members for this release.

The track listing has been unveiled. However it is listed in a random order.

Furthermore, Party Rockets one-man Live Full Throttle will be held on November 15 at Shinjuku Blaze, Tokyo.


  • Akeba Ima (アゲハ今)
  • Kasabuta
  • Zettai Love (絶対♡Love)
  • Dangan High Jump (弾丸ハイジャンプ)
  • Hatsukoi Rocket (初恋ロケット)
  • Rockin’ Horse Ballerina
  • Miraie
  • Nichijou Dreamer (日常ドリーマー)
  • Setsuna Sora (セツナソラ)
  • Rainbow!
  • Let’s Go !!
  • Start Line (スタートライン)
  • Imagine na Ai no Uta (イマジンな愛の歌)
  • Secret Moon

Party Rockets