Shigusawa Ao left Gang Parade


Shigusawa Ao (シグサワアオ) - Gang ParadeShigusawa Ao (シグサワアオ) left GANG PARADE this month.

This announcement was made on July 20 at Tower Records Shibuya Cutup STUDIO in Tokyo.

The reasons that pushed Shigasawa Ao to leave the group remain unclear but it seems that it’s is due to problems between her activities and her family.

Her last concert with the group was held on 7 August.

The name GANG PARADE is the new name of POP (Period of Plastic 2 Mercy) ; the idol group released under this name its new single We Are the Idol on July 19.

Shigusawa Ao (シグサワアオ) - Gang Parade

Gang Parade