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Prizmmy☆ Performance!! Music Clip

Prizmmy☆ Performance!! Music ClipPrizmmy☆ Performance!! Music Clip will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on January 17.

As its name suggests, the DVD and the Blu-ray include 9 music videos from Prizmmy☆’s previous singles.

They are also featuring making-of footage.


Prizmmy – Take Off

PrizmmyPrizmmy☆ will release their 1st album Take Off on July 24.

The album contains 11 tracks, including the latest singles of Prizmmy☆ and 2 new songs untitled for now.

The limited edition comes with a bonus DVD featuring footage of “Pretty Rhythm Dream Festival” Prizmmy☆ Special Dream Live.


Prizmmy – Boy Meets Girl

Prizmmy☆ - Boy Meets GirlPrizmmy☆’s new single Boy Meets Girl will be released on May 22.

The single includes a DVD featuring the music video, its “dance master” version, and bonus footage.

The title song is the opening theme for the anime series Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live (プリティーリズム・レインボーライブ).

Prizmmy☆ also perform the ending theme song for the anime, RainBow × RainBow, as Prism☆Box in collaboration with Prism☆Mates.

Watch out the music video.