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Camouflage – Domestic Natsu Girl

Camouflage - Domestic Natsu GirlCamouflage‘s new single Domestic Natsu Girl (ドメスティック夏ガール) was released on August 20.

This is the 6th single from Camouflage, and their 2nd one to be released nationwide.

The Music Video has been unveiled.


Sengoku Minami won the Next Gravure Queen Battle

Sengoku Minami (Up Up Girls (Kari))Sengoku Minami (Up Up Girls (Kari)) won the Grand Prix at the Next Gravure Queen Battle (Nextグラビアクイーンバトル) season 2.

The contest was organized by Young Animal (ヤングアニマル) magazine in collaboration with famous photographers. The fans could vote for their favorite gravure idols.

Check out some photos of the event.


Camouflage – Real Kininaru Girl

Camouflage - Real Kininaru GirlCamouflage’s new single Real Kininaru Girl (リアルキニナルガール) will be released on October 23.

10 editions are available : 2 with all members of the idol group, and an individual one for each member. They have the same tracklist, only the cover jacket is different.

It is the 3rd single from Camouflage.

Check out the music video.


Camouflage – Kataomoi Wars

Camouflage - Kataomoi WarsCamouflage’s new single Kataomoi Wars (片思いWars) will be released on July 10.

It is the 2nd single from Camouflage.

The CD contains 2 songs.

The limited edition comes with a bonus DVD featuring the music video.


Sapporo Girls Link Special 2013

Sapporo Girls Link Special 2013Sapporo Girls Link Special 2013 will be held on June 9.

Anna☆S, Camouflage, Jewel Kiss, Snow Drop, Seishun Gakuen, Team Crerekko, Fruity, Whip★Girls, Why@Doll, and many other local idol groups will participate in the live performance.

The event is presented by Cradle Records.


Camouflage – Koi no Jigen Bakudan

Camouflage - Koi no Jigen BakudanCamouflage’s 1st single Koi no Jigen Bakudan (恋の時限爆弾) will be released on March 4.

The single contains 2 songs.

The CD will only be on sale during live performances.


Live Around the Idol Vol.5

Afilia Saga East, The Possible, Dorothy Little Happy, Bakusute Sotokanda IcchomeAfilia Saga East, Camouflage, The Possible, Dorothy Little Happy, Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome, and Ponbashi wktk Mates will perform at Live Around the Idol Vol.5.

The concert will take place on February 5 at X-Hall, Nagoya.


New Year Idol Yokocho Matsuri 2013

Idol YokochoUp Up Girls, Afilia Saga East, Anna☆S, Izukoneko, Doll☆Elements, Dream5, Dorothy Little Happy, Party Rockets, BiS, Hime Kyun Fruit Can, Lovely★Doll, Danceroid, Cheeky Parade, Dempagumi.inc, Tochiotome25, Dorothy Little Happy, nanoCUNE, Party Rockets, and other idols will perform at New Year Idol Yokocho Matsuri 2013 (新春アイドル横丁まつり!!~2013~).

The live events will be held on January 2-3 at Shibuya Public Hall.

The concert will be live streamed on Nico Nico Douga.