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EMPiRE – EMPiRE originals

EMPiRE - EMPiRE originals

The EMPIRE‘s mini album will be released on September 5th.

It’s called EMPIRE originals and is the 1st EP of the idol group of Wack Records and Avex Trax.

The members MAHO EMPIRE and MiKiNA EMPIRE make their first appearance. YUiNA EMPiRE left the group to join the idol group BiS.

Check out below the music videos for songs EMPiRE originals and S.O.S.


EMPiRE – The EMPiRE Strikes Start!!


The new album of EMPiRE will be released on April 11.

Il is entitled THE EMPiRE STRiKES START!! and marks the idol group’s debut.

As you’ve probably understood, the title of the album refers to the original title of the Star Wars movie (The Empire Strikes Back) and the beginning of the group’s activities (Start).

The MVs for Akarui Mirai and Mad Love were unveiled.