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LinQ – Frontier ~LinQ Dai 3 Gakushou~

LinQ - Frontier ~LinQ Dai 3 Gakushou~The new album of LinQ entitled Frontier ~LinQ Dai 3 Gakushou~ (Frontier~LinQ 第三楽章~) was released on Novembre 25.

This is the 3rd album by the idol group from Fukuoka. It’s also the 2nd major album of the group.

The tracklist was unveiled. It contains the latest singles of LinQ and news songs.

Check out the promotional video.


LinQ – Hare Hare Parade

LinQ - Hare Hare☆ParadeThe new single of LinQ entitled Hare Hare Parade (ハレハレ☆パレード) will be on sale on April 29.

This is the 11th single of LinQ and its 6th one to release under the major label Warner Music Japan. The song was produced by the singer-songwritter Naoto Inti Raymi.