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Allover – Sakura BaBy Love

Allover - Sakura BaBy LoveAllover’s 5th single Sakura BaBy Love (桜BaByラブ) will be released on February 26.

Allover is a special idol unit consisting of members from several other idol groups such as Candy Go! Go!, asfi, Nato☆Kan, Cover’s Doll, Honey Squash, Super Lips, Try☆Fing, Kaiketsu! Tropical Maru…

The MV has been released.


Idol College – Idol College no Tsutaetai Koto

Idol CollegeIdol College’s new album Idol College no Tsutaetai Koto (アイドルカレッジの伝えたいこと) will be released on July 24.

It is their major label debut album.

The regular edition contains 13 songs, including the latest singles from Idol College and a new song.

The limited edition Type A includes 7 bonus tracks on a 2nd CD.

The limited edition Type B comes with a DVD featuring a music video and bonus footage.


Idol Land 2013 Summer

Idol College, Cheeky Parade, 7cm, PPP! PiXiON, and Ogawa Mana will perform at Idol Land 2013 Summer.

The concert will be held on July 21 at Shinjuku Blaze in Tokyo.

There will be one live performance at noon, and another one at the end of the afternoon.


Tokyo Idol Festival 2013 Chou Zenyasai

Tokyo Idol Festival 2013Tokyo Idol Festival 2013 Chou Zenyasai (超前夜祭) will be held on May 14 at Roppongi Nicofarre, Tokyo.

Idoling!!!, Idol College, Up Up Girls, AeLL, and The Possible will perform at the concert.

This live will come just before the press conference for Tokyo Idol Festival 2013. The mid-summer event will take place on July 27-28. The first guests participating in TIF 2013 have already been announced.


Tokyo Idol Festival 2013

Tokyo Idol Festival 2013Tokyo Idol Festival 2013 will be held on July 27-28 at Odaiba.

It will be the 4th edition of Tokyo Idol Festival since its creation in 2010. Last year, 111 idol groups and 21500 fans participated in the event.

Idoling!!!, AeLL, Sakura Gakuin, The Possible, Tokyo Girls’ Style, Negicco, and Vanilla Beans have already announced that they will perfom in the festival.

On May 14, the participation of 46 new groups and soloists was announced.

On May 29, 23 other idol groups and soloists have been added to the line-up.

On June 5, 15 new artists announced their participation.

On June 12, 8 other idol groups have been added.

HKT48 and RYUTist were the last guests announced on July 5.

Moreover, the timetable of TIF2013 has been revealed.


Idol Stadium at Shibuya-AX

Allover, Dempagumi.inc, Idol College, Alice Juban, Steamgirls, DanceroidAllover, Dempagumi.inc, Idol College, Alice Juban, Starmarie, Candy Go! Go!, asfi, Anna☆S, Danceroid, KNU, Steamgirls, Love La Doll, Mary Angel, and many other idols will perform at the live event Idol Stadium at Shibuya-AX (アイドルスタジアム at Shibuya-AX).

The concert will take place on March 10 in Tokyo.


Idol College – Shoujo Sotsugyou / Yozora

Idol College - Shoujo Sotsugyou / YozoraIdol College’s major debut single Shoujo Sotsugyou / Yozora (少女卒業 / Yozora) will be released on February 13.

This is a double A-side single. 4 editions are available.

The limited edition Type A includes a bonus DVD featuring music videos and off shot footage.


Girl’s Bomb ~2012 Final~

YGA, Tokyo Cheer2 Party, Palet, Alice Juban, Steamgirls, Space Girls Planet, Doll☆Elements, choice?, asfi, Links, Takokusekigun, Predia, Idol College, Lovely★Doll (愛乙女★Doll), Candy Go! Go!, and more idols will perform at Girl’s Bomb ~2012 Final~ on December 1.

The live will take place at Shibuya O-West.


I-Para Idol Theme Park

I-Para Idol Theme ParkDoll☆Elements, Party Rockets, Idol College, Starmarie, Naaboudoufu@Nana, and more will participate in I-Para Idol Theme Park (アイパラ アイドルテーマパーク).

The live will be held on November 6 at Shibuya O-East.

This event is organized by Idol Paparazzi (I-Para).


AeLL Collaboration Live at Tokyo Ramen Show 2012

Tokyo Ramen ShowAeLL, The Possible, Idol College, Shizukaze & Kizuna, Kotone Mai, KNU, Kaiketsu! Tropical Maru, and more will participate in Tokyo Ramen Show 2012 (東京ラーメンショー2012).

AeLL are part of special supporters for the event. They will hold AeLL Collaboration Live (AeLL. コラボレーションライブ) during 4 days with other idol groups.

Tokyo Ramen Show is a festival held annually. It brings together ramen shops from around Japan. It takes place at Komazawa Olympic Park.