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Passpo – Jejejejet

Passpo☆ - JejejejetPasspo☆ will release their 3rd album Jejejejet!! on December 11.

The album contains 16 tracks including 5 new songs the latest singles of Passpo☆ Sakura Komachi (サクラ小町), Step & Go, Candy Room, Mousou no Hawaii (妄想のハワイ), and Growing Up.

The First Class edition includes a bonus DVD with a special edition of the documentary on each member for Growing Up. and a video of Onna no Ko Zukan Live (女の子図鑑Live) held in April at Shibuya AX.


Passpo – Mousou no Hawaii

Passpo☆ - Mousou no HawaiiPasspo☆ will release their new single Mousou no Hawaii (妄想のハワイ) on July 31.

The single is produced by Anno Yuta from Hawaiian6.

The First Class and the Business Class editions include a bonus DVD featuring either the music video of the title song or its dance shot version. They also come with a ticket for a handshake event.