Passpo – Jejejejet


Passpo☆ - JejejejetPasspo☆ will release their 3rd album Jejejejet!! on December 11.

The album contains 16 tracks including 5 new songs the latest singles of Passpo☆ Sakura Komachi (サクラ小町), Step & Go, Candy Room, Mousou no Hawaii (妄想のハワイ), and Growing Up.

The First Class edition includes a bonus DVD with a special edition of the documentary on each member for Growing Up. and a video of Onna no Ko Zukan Live (女の子図鑑Live) held in April at Shibuya AX.

It comes with a ticket for the live event 2014 Passpo Dai Shinnenkai (2014Passpo☆大新年会) to be held on January 13 at Ebisu Liquidroom.


  • CD
    1. Ignition
    2. Baby Jump ~Tengoku e no Toujoubin~ (Baby Jump~天国への搭乗便~)
    3. Beast in You
    4. Sakura Komachi (サクラ小町)
    5. Onegai (おねがい)
    6. Step & Go
    7. Kibun wa Saikou! 気分はサイコー!サイコー!サイコー!
    8. Mousou no Hawaii (妄想のハワイ)
    9. Shang Shang Chandelier (Shang Shang シャンデリア)
    10. Candy Room (キャンディー・ルーム)
    11. Kucha Love (くちゃLove)
    12. Truly
    13. Mask
    14. Wish on a Star
    15. Growing Up
    16. 「I」
  • DVD (First Class)
    1. Growning Up (Documentary Special Edition)
    2. Onna no Ko Zukan Live (女の子図鑑Live) (04/2013 @ Shibuya AX)