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NMB48 Team BII 1st Stage “Aitakatta”

NMB48 Team BII 1st Stage AitakattaNMB48 Team BII 1st Stage “Aitakatta” Senshuuraku 2013.10.17 (NMB48 Team BII 1st Stage「会いたかった」千秋楽) will be released on DVD on January 1.

This DVD includes the final live performance of the stage held on October 17, 2013 at NMB48 Theater in Osaka.

The setlist has 16 songs including a medley.


NMB48 Studio Recording

NMB48NMB48 Studio Recording (NMB48スタジオレコーディング) will be released on January 1. It includes 5 stage albums recorded at NMB48 Theater in Osaka :

  • Team N 1st Stage “Dareka no Tame ni” (誰かのために)
  • Team N 2nd Stage “Seishun Girls” (青春ガールズ)
  • Team M 1st Stage “Idol no Yoake” (アイドルの夜明け)
  • Team BII 1st Stage “Aitakatta” (青春ガールズ)
  • Team BII 2nd Stage “Tadaima Renaichuu” (ただいま恋愛中)

These albums are also available separately.