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Yumemiru Adolescence – Sakura

Yumemiru Adolescence - SakuraYumemiru Adolescence will release their new single Sakura (桜) on March 14th.

This is the 11th major single of the idol group.

YumeAdo are back this year with a new line-up ; the new members : Minase Yuki (水無瀬ゆき), Yamashita Saya (山下彩耶) and Yamaguchi Hanon (山口はのん).


Yamato Rina – Sakura

Yamato Rina - SakuraYamato Rina is going to make her solo debut with the album Sakura on sale on March 16.

Yamato Rina is a former Nogizaka46 member. She was part of the 1st generation. She graduated from the idol group in December 2014.