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Tomato n’ Pine (Tomapai) – The First and the Last Pop Song 4ever

Tomato n' Pine (Tomapai) - The First and the Last Pop Song 4everTomato n’ Pine’s live DVD The First and the Last Pop Song 4ever (PS4E) ~散開~ will be released on April 24.

The DVD features Tomapai’s last concert held on December 29, 2012 at Nishi-Azabu Eleven, Tokyo. It contains the 18 songs performed during the live, including their greatest hits.

It comes with a 48-page photobook as a bonus item.

Tomato n’ Pine disbanded after 3 years and of half of activity at the end of this final event.


Tomato n’ Pine (Tomapai) to disband

Tomato n' Pine (Tomapai)Tomato n’ Pine (Tomapai) announced that the group is going to disband at the end of the year.

Tomato n’ Pine will hold a final live titled The First and The Last Pop Song 4ever ~Sankai~ (~散開~) on December 29 at Nishi-Azabu Eleven.


PS2U (Pop Song 2 U) 10

PS2U (Pop Song 2 U)Tomato n’ Pine, Negicco, Rhymeberry, and more will participate in PS2U (Pop Song 2 U) 10.

The live will be held on December 2 at Nishi-Azabu Eleven in Tokyo.

The event is presented by T&P Tokyo and broadcasted in live streaming by 2.5D.


Tomato n’ Pine – PS4U

Tomato n' Pine - PS4UTomato n’ Pine’s 1st major album PS4U (Pop Song 4 U) will be released on August 1.

The album contains 15 songs including their latest singles.

The limited edition includes a bonus DVD featuring music videos.


HMV Nippon Juudan Idol Ranbu 2012

HMV Nihonjūdan Idol Ranbu 2012HMV is going to organize Nippon Juudan Idol Ranbu 2012 live tour in August.

The tour includes 6 dates. The idols performing will change at each event. However Shiritsu Ebisu Chūgaku, Dempagumi.inc, Tomato n’ Pine, Dorothy Little Happy, LinQ, Mary Angel, Jewel Kiss, Team Syachihoko, and more idols will participate in the concerts.