Team Syachihoko – Yuru Syachi


Team Syachihoko - YurusyachiTeam Syachihoko‘s TV variety show Yuru Syachi (ゆるしゃち) was released on DVD on March 26.

Every week, the members of Team Syachihoko face challenges on different themes.

The trailer has been released.

Yurusyachi started airing in April 2013 on Nagoya TV (メ~テレ).

3 DVDs are available. Each one of them contains 9 episodes of the show. They include the episodes of Yurusyachi broadcast between April and December 2013.

Furthermore, the concert tour Team Syachihoko Zepp Final! 2014 Arigatou wo Tsutaetakute (チームしゃちほこ「Zepp Final! 2014~ありがとうを伝えたくて~」) will be held from March 29 to April 19 in Osaka, Fukuoka, Tokyo and Nagoya.

  • Vol. 123


Team Syachihoko - Yurusyachi