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Vanilla Beans in the TV program Shino × Vani

Vanilla Beans & Shinohara Tomoe - Shino × VaniSince April 3, the idol group Vanilla Beans (バニラビーンズ) co-host with Shinohara Tomoe (篠原ともえ) a new weekly TV program entitled Shino × Vani (シノ×バニ) on TV Asahi channel, at 4 p.m, every Friday.

The official website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel of the program Shino × Vani were opened if you want follow the girls.

The TV program is composed of several episodes lasting about ten of minutes. In this program, the girls present the latest trends of fashion and food. Vanilla Beans also wear their former costumes used for video clips and covers of their previous singles.


French Kiss no Kiss Tabi

French Kiss no Kiss Tabi (フレンチ・キスのキス旅)French Kiss will host a new TV show titled French Kiss no Kiss Tabi (フレンチ・キスのキス旅).

The concept is that AKB48 members Kashiwagi Yuki, Takajo Aki and Kuramochi Asuka travel abroad in order to discover foreign countries and cultures. The 3 girls go there for vacation and face various challenges.

Check out some photos of the 1st episode in Singapore.


°C-ute no Challenge TV

°C-ute no Challenge TV (℃-uteのチャレンジTV)°C-ute will start a new TV program titled °C-ute no Challenge TV (℃-uteのチャレンジTV) on BS-TBS. It will start airing on April 24.

°C-ute no Challenge TV will be broadcast every last Thursday of the month from April to September.


Nogizaka46 – Nogibingo!

Nogizaka46 - Nogibingo!The TV show Nogibingo! hosted by Nogizaka46 will be released on DVD on March 7.

Nogibingo! is inspired by AKB48 AKBingo. The TV show was created to prove that Nogizaka46 could become as popular as  AKB48.

The season 1 was broadcast on Wednesdays from July 3 to September 18, 2013 on NTV (日本テレビ).


Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku – Ebichu no Eien ni Chuugakusei 2

Ebichu no Eien ni Chuugakusei (Kari) 2The TV Show Ebichu no Eien ni Chuugakusei (Kari) 2 (エビ中の永遠に中学生(仮)2) hosted by Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on February 12.

The season 2 of the TV show Ebichu no Eien ni Chuugakusei (Kari) (エビ中の永遠に中学生(仮)) was broadcast from April to September 2013 on Tokyo MX.


Sugamoto Yuko (ex HKT48) to host Yukos Café TV

Yukos Café TV (ゆうこすカフェTV)Former HKT48 member Sugamoto Yuko (菅本裕子) will host the show Yukos Café TV (ゆうこすカフェTV).

Yukos Café TV will be broadcast every Tuesday on Sora TV. Each episode lasts 15 minutes. The program will start airing in January.

In this show, Sugamoto Yuko gives cooking lessons. She is assisted by Nakamura Yukari (中村裕香里) and Tsuchiyama Akane (土山茜).

(more…) – Dempa no Kamigami - Dempa no’s TV show Dempa no Kamigami (でんぱの神神) will be released on DVD.

Dempa no Kamigami Vol.1 will be on sale on January 15, and Vol.2 on February 5.

In this variety show, the members of participate in various activities and challenges such as cooking, traveling, charades, physical fitness test, going into a haunted house…


Idoling!!! 2012 Kamihanki Best Selectiong!!!

Idoling!!!Idoling!!! 2012 Kamihanki Best Selectiong!!! (「アイドリング!!!」2012上半期ベストセレクショング!!!) will be released on Blu-ray on February 19.

Idoling!!! 2012 Kamihanki Best Selectiong!!! is consisting of 2 discs featuring a selection of the best moments of the TV show Idoling!!! (アイドリング!!!) broadcast on Fuji TV during the first half of the year 2012. It has 8 hours of footage.