Tsubaki Factory – Kedakaku Saki Hokore!


Tsubaki Factory (つばきファクトリー)The new single of Tsubaki Factory entitled Kedakaku Saki Hokore! (気高く咲き誇れ!) will be released on December 31.

It’s the 2nd indies singles by the idol group from Hello! Project.

The CD will contain the title song and its instrumental version.

One edition will be available.

Tsubaki Factory’s single will be on sale at the Hello! Project 2015 Countdown concert.


  • CD
    1. Kedakaku Saki Hokore! (気高く咲き誇れ!)
    2. Kedakaku Saki Hokore! (Instrumental)

Tsubaki Factory (つばきファクトリー)



  1. David Hughes

    What? One single one instrumental? Hardly worth my time and money to order that

  2. Ash

    That’s typical of an indies single. Tsubaki won’t get C/W songs until their major debut.

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