Wakita Monari – I’m with you


Wakita Monari - I'm with youThe new single of Wakita Monari entitled I’m with you will released on June 21.

This is the 3rd single of Wakita Monari, former member of Especia.

The single will contain the title song, a new B-side track and their instrumental versions.

A LP version will also be available.

The songs of Mona’s single were written by Yafune Tetsuro.

Furthermore, Wakita Monari will release her solo debut album I am ONLY on July 26.


  1. I’m with you -Extended Version-
  2. EST! EST!! EST!!!
  3. I’m with you -Extended Version- (instrumental)
  4. EST! EST!! EST!!! (Instrumental)

Wakita Monari - I'm with you