Why@Doll – Kimi wa Steady


Why@Doll - Kimi wa SteadyWhy@Doll will release its new single Kimi wa Steady (キミはSteady) on February 28.

The idol group unveiled the music video that you can check out below.

This single will be sold in one edition.

The song Kimi wa Steady was composed by Onigawara.

The song Love Story wa Shuumatsu ni was written by the Why@Doll members, Aoki Chiharu and Uratani Haruna, and composed by Yoshida Tetsuto.

Why@Doll will be holding in March a mini tour where they will celebrate the single release at the Daikanyama UNIT on March 19.


  1. Kimi wa Steady (キミはSteady)
  2. Love Story wa Shuumatsu ni (ラブストーリーは週末に)
  3. Kimi wa Steady (Instrumental)
  4. Love Story wa Shuumatsu ni (Instrumental)

Music Video (PV)

Why@Doll - Kimi wa Steady