Rev. from DVL announced its break-up


Rev. from DVLRev. from DVL announced its disbandment in March.

A rather unexpected news.

The main reason is that the members decided to continue their own way in other areas. They also said they want to think of their future, like job researching, focusing on school exams, going to university, etc.

Some members had already mentioned this possible break-up on social networks a few days before.

The band recently released its 7th single, Vampire, in digital format

Rev. From DVL is popular in Fukuoka, the group hometown with the member Hashimoto Kanna, nicknamed the “Angelic Idol”.

The members met success with their first single Love -arigatou- in 2014 and became one of the best known local idol groups in Fukuoka with LinQHKT48 or HR (Hakata Reboot). What is certain is that the band will miss many fans.

The graduation date of all members is scheduled on March 31.

They will be performing at the Akasaka BLITZ on March 29 and at the Fukuoka Drum Logos on March 31.

Rev. from DVL