Yu, Aoi and Airi joined Electric Ribbon


Electric Ribbon (エレクトリックリボン)New members joined Electric Ribbon.

Their names are Yu, Aoi and Airi. They were officially introduced on March 24.

Yu was born on December 18 ; whereas Aoi was born on September 15 ; and Airi was born on December 11.

Discover the photos of these new members and the Electric Ribbon’s new profile picture.

The idol group was previously a trio and kept this line-up during more than 3 years. The last disc of the Electric Ribbon as a trio is its first full album Yeah!!! released last November.

Members Erica, Pippi and Nagisa decided to recruit new girls within the idol group because they wish the unit to have a new start.

Electric Ribbon will release their new single Twinkle in you on May 30.

Electric Ribbon (エレクトリックリボン)

Yu - Electric Ribbon (エレクトリックリボン)


Aoi - Electric Ribbon (エレクトリックリボン)


Airi - Electric Ribbon (エレクトリックリボン)