Electric Ribbon – Yeah!!!


Electric Ribbon (エレクトリックリボン)Electric Ribbon unveiled their first full album Yeah!!!.

It will be on sale next December 13.

The album contains a total of 15 songs including the last singles (and some B side) of the band such as : Hoshikuzu Highland, Steal me, Namioto Tunning, Cream Souda, Muteki Girl and more recently Eyeline. Some of these songs have been re-recorded or remastered.

Only one edition will be available

Electric Ribbon will perform at Shibuya WWW in Tokyo for a live one-man on December 21 to celebrate the release of their album.


  1. Eyeline (Album mix) (アイライン)
  2. Kanpai☆Starlight (カンパイ☆スターライト)
  3. Namioto Tuning (波音チューニング)
  4. Soyokaze no Kiss (そよ風の KISS)
  5. Factory Of Love
  6. Cream Souda
  7. Steal me -Lady edit-
  8. Yumemiru Cotton Candy (夢見るコットンキャンディ)
  9. Blade Runner (ブレードランナー)
  10. Muteki Girl (無敵ガール)
  11. Hoshikuzu Highland (Album mix) (星屑ハイランド)
  13. Girly song (nagisa only version) (ガーリーソング)
  14. Anata ni Kiss (pippi only version) (あなたにキッス)
  15. Ai no Akashi -midnight floor remix (erica only version) (愛のアカシ -midnight floor remix)

Electric Ribbon (エレクトリックリボン)

Electric Ribbon - Yeah!!!