Yu-ka and Risa to graduate from Mary Angel


Mary Angel (メアリーエンジェル)Yu-ka and Risa announced their graduation from Mary Angel.

Both girls will leave the idol group after a last live performance scheduled on February 15 at Osaka Ruido.

As a result, Mary Angel are going to disband at the same time because they were the only remaining members. The idol group had started its activities 8 years ago.

Yu-ka told that she is going to focus on her studies at university.

Risa wants to work in the field of beauty.

The 2 idols thanked the fans for their support.

Yu-ka and Risa are also going to graduate from Fine Promotion.

We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Mary Angel (メアリーエンジェル)



  1. Améthy$te

    Au revoir! Mary Angel.

  2. Tetho (Post author)

    Bonne continuation à Risa et Yu-ka.

    Après avoir débuté jeunes et passé 8 ans en tant qu’idols, je comprends qu’elles aient envie de se tourner vers de nouveaux projets.

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