BiS (Brand-new Idol Society)BiS (Brand-new Idol Society) will release their new single SOCiALiSM on May 31.

Two girls, Kamiya Saki (member of Gang Parade) and Aya Eight Prince (member of BiS), exchanged their positons in early May. This is temporary because they will return to their respective idol groups in September.

Kamiya Saki participated in this new single. Note that Kamiya Saki has been a BiS member before she graduate from it in July 2014 (after the group’s first break-up) to form Pla2me (named today Gang Parade). It is the opportunity for her to find her former partner BiS, the leader Pour Lui.

The new BiS members, Momoland and Pan Luna Leafy, make their first appearance.

The song SOCiALiSM was written by Jiiku Ryuguu and composed by Matsukuma Kenta.

You can watch the MV below.

The single will be sold editions.


  • CD
    1. SOCiALiSM
    2. Tanjou no Uta (誕生の歌)
  • DVD
    1. TBA

Music Video (PV)

BiS (Brand-new Idol Society)